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Unwanted Heart by T.J. Wolfe

About the Author

T.J. Wolfe is an author, activist, member of the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Texas who currently resides in Austin Texas. Wolfe created Unwanted Heart in part, to help promote and support marriage equality. It also aims to bring awareness to the Butch/Stud/Androgynous lesbians in the community, for the author observes that even after the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage rights for the LGBTQ community, they continue to be in jeopardy in this country.

Known to be a nerd of sorts, Wolfe often gains inspiration by taking long car rides down deserted roads in the country listening to The Weekend or neo soul contemplating her next storyline. Most would consider going to the gym as work, but for Wolfe, it’s a form of healthy, mental, and physical meditation. She considers it therapeutic as well as productive. Wolfe, uses the time wisely as an aid in helping her visualize scenes for her upcoming sequel currently in the works. In her drafts she writes out scenarios, not concerned with edits and corrections as to avoid the loss of her ideas. Although Wolfe, is not an avid TV watcher she does keep abreast of current world and local news and other information pertinent to society. Wolfe, rarely reads any books while creating her own to avoid capturing ideas from other writers. Having experienced the struggles of the LGBTQIA community and minorities first hand, she is able to incorporate these struggles into her work. Wolfe’s frustration with the injustices and lack of humility for people are one of the reasons that inspire her to write. Unwilling to sit idly by and do nothing, Wolfe, through her writing chooses to speak to any and all who choose to listen.

When not writing her hobbies include working with her hands gardening, cooking, and renovating old furniture. A basketball enthusiast, Wolfe, also enjoys fishing and spending time in nature. She lives a moderately healthy lifestyle, but is known to enjoy a good glass of wine while dining under a moonlit sky.



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