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Unwanted Heart by T.J. Wolfe


Our mission is driven by our passion, through proper guidance and exemplary leadership to promote and empower humanity, because no one should suffer in silence or feel isolated.


Advocate for a “Victim’s Justice System” to prevent further abuse of victims, not only by their abusers, but by the judicial system itself

Commitment to collaborate with organizations creating a safe haven for people in need

Use our voice to speak for voice’s that continuously go unheard

Empower individuals trying to better their circumstance through our humanitarian efforts

Practice and implement the principles we live by; love, compassion, kindness, dignity, integrity, and mutual respect for humanity in everything we do

To educate, empower, enlighten, and change humanity for the better.

A portion of our proceeds goes to support a variety of charitable organizations.
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Unwanted Heart by T.J. Wolfe